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Welcome to the first Sugarcraft Newsletter from Crafts Bee! 00

Welcome to the first Sugarcraft Newsletter from Crafts Bee!

Welcome to the first Sugarcraft Newsletter from Crafts Bee!


 July 2013 Welcome to the first Sugar Craft Newsletter from Crafts Bee! We hope to bring you lots of exciting news about classes, new products, exhibitions and much more including answers to your cake decorating and sugar craft questions.  As this is the first one please bear with us as we work out what we need to include and if there is anything you would like to see covered please do get in touch! You can e-mail us with suggestions or your sugar craft questions at , we would also love to see your pictures of cakes you have made perhaps following attending one of our classes. TTFN (Ta Ta For Now for younger readers!) Claire     Dates for your Diary The following classes are booking up quick, book your place now! August 10      Introduction to Cake Decorating August 18      Modelling in sugarpaste August 18      Cupcake Decorating Sept 7             Introduction to Cake Decorating Sept 15           Learn to decorate a square parcel cake Sept 22           Beginners Royal Icing Sept 28           Cupcake Decorating Sept 28           Modelling in sugarpaste For more details and to book click here.   Essential Kit! It can be daunting to work out what equipment you need to have when staring out with Sugar craft as there are so many products available. I am a true believer in only buying what is necessary, using tools for more than one job and making use of household items! In each newsletter I will try to give you tips on what it is good to have. I am starting off by recommending some essential items. Artist palette knives Lidl does a fantastic set in a zip up case for about £5/6 keep your eyes open for when they have craft items in stock. A good quality craft knife This can be bought from any good art stationer or craft shop and is one of my most used items! Paintbrushes Perfect for adding fine detail, applying sugar glue and of course painting and dusting. Have a selection of different sizes to hand including some very fine ones. Can be bought from art shops or picked up quite cheaply at places like The Works. I would recommend nylon bristles and plastic handles for ease of cleaning. Rolling pin If you are a keen cake decorator a non-stick rolling pin is a great investment Cake Craft World in Bromley/on-line has...

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