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About Us at Crafts Bee

About Us

Based on the borders of South London and Kent Crafts Bee is a studio space offering a variety of craft courses and craft workshops.  To find out about the range of classes and activites at Crafts Bee have a look at the classes pages.

What is Crafts Bee?

Crafts Bee is a studio for teaching crafts.  Crafts are activities involving skill in making things by hand.  So Crafts Bee is about learning the skills to make beautiful and original objects for yourself and your home.  It’s about trying something new and exploring your creative side.

Crafts Bee is a place to inspire, it’s creative heaven, a place to forget your 9-5 and a place to discover the joy of creating beautiful objects

What crafts do you have courses in?

You name it we do it.  Jewellery making, sewing, quilting, stained glass, cake decorating, paper crafts, knitting, crochet and silk painting to name a few. We are always looking for new ideas and the latest trends and constantly adding new classes.

Can anyone learn a craft?

We believe they can. Some will find it more natural than others but everyone will get something positive out of it.  As well as learning skills they will have a fun time, meet some great people and probably surprise themselves with what they can achieve.

There can be a fear when you first start whether it is cutting glass or material or handling tools. We try to take away this fear and encourage people to have a go and see where it takes them. 

Are the courses for beginners or advanced crafters?

They vary.  Some are for beginners to teach them the basic skills needed. However most classes are for all levels as we have a variety of project to challenge everyone depending on their experience and comfort level.  We have samples and photographs for each course to help inspire people with their own designs or for them to copy if they prefer.

Who teaches the courses?

We have a variety of teachers who are all experts in their chosen crafts. All are very skilful craftspeople in their own right and all have a great enthusiasm for teaching and spreading the knowledge.

Click here for more information on our tutors.

Are more people crafting these days than they used to be?

They are.  Everything handmade seems to be enjoying a revival at the moment and long may it continue.  It’s cool these days to be knitting, crocheting and making things. All age ranges are now getting involved and having a go.  Crafting seems to bring out the best in people as well and you meet some lovely, friendly and encouraging people.

Is it easy to continue crafting at home after a course?

Yes as most of our crafts can be continued at home with minimal equipment.  It is easy to fit your craft to your budget and don’t forget you will be creating gorgeous and unique objects that you cannot buy in the shops and at a fraction of the cost.  You can create for yourself, your home and as presents. You can get started on a course for the cost of an evening out or a day’s shopping. However crafts are addictive so be prepared and clear a space to keep all your lovely new goodies.






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